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How to Submit Your Proposal


Types of Proposals Accepted

Demonstration: Presenter demonstrates a practical technique              (45 min) 

Workshop: Presenter engages the participants in hands-on,          practical professional development

(45 min)  

Paper: Theory or research-based

(20 min)  

Poster Board: Presenter displays printed information on a board and talks informally with participants about the topic

Panel: Three presenters speak ten minutes on a topic with Q&A 

(45 min)  

Rap Session:  Lead a Level or Interest Group Discussion-Break out at lunch Publisher/Commercial Session

(20 min)

Proposal Submission Format

Your proposal should include the following:

1) Title of the submission in APA format (maximum 15 words).

​​2) Topic, Theme,Target audience (k-12, community college, adult school, community based, IEP)

3) Presentation format (choose one: Demonstration, Workshop, Paper, Poster Board, Publisher/Commercial Session, Panel Presentation, Rap Session)

​​4) A 2-3 sentence description of your presentation which should not exceed 75 words in total.

5) ​Descriptive abstract of your proposal (150-250 words).

Additionally, for EACH presenter, please list the following:

1) Full Name

2) School District, School, University, or Company/Organization

3) Email Address

4) Phone number

Conference Event

Ready to Submit?

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